Saturday, February 4, 2012

little letters from belieber to justin bieber

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"You will turn 18 in exactly one month. You will be able to do the things you always wanted to do. You can say anything, and what you want now. You can date anyone and do whatever you want with them . You're old enough to make their own decisions and your own responsibility. This is the life you now, not us. We have stuck with you since the beginning, and even then we promise we'll never go. All we ask is you do not push us leave. Pledging will never forget us. We make you who you are, and we will not let anyone tear down. We will not let anyone bring you and destroy you. Because you're an adult now, it only gets more difficult from here. But we promise for you stick with us, we will stay with you forever. Do not do anything to Make you regret, or make us regret it. Focus on who You are and who you want, because that's what you best, and that we fell in love. We can not always get what we want. We can not make you all our own definition of perfection, because you perfectly no matter what. Some of us may not grow with you, but we felt like we had known you throughout our lives. You care about us more than others have, and what makes it even more special is that you do not see us yet. Please, never grow up, never grow out of who You are. It may hurt us in the You older now, and you will just keep getting older. But you will never cease to amaze us with whatever you do. You will always be in our hearts forever, so hold onto us, forever. We hope 18 is as fun and amazing. We can not for the new surprises and all that is in store for us, because you do it to make us happy. Do not miss your beautiful smile, that's the reason most of us want to wake up every day. Do not ever change who you used to Who you, and who you aspire to be. Because against all odds, we will always love you and we promise to stay with you during your stay with us. Deal? "


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