Friday, May 11, 2012

i want this shoes :'(

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it's look so cute :3

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like (y)

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g. place (y)

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Turn To You - justin bieber

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You worked 2 jobs
to keep a roof above our head
you chose the life for me
no you never gave up

i admire you for the strength
you've instilled in me
you were so young
you were just my age

when you had me, mom
you were so brave
there was nothing
gonna stop or get in our way
and i know
you will always be there for me

** so when you're lost and you're tired
     when you're broken in two
     let my love take you higher
    cause i..still turn to you
    still turn to you 2x

its was '94
the year that everything started to change
from before you had to be a woman
and you were forced to change your ways
to change your ways

then you found the lord,
you gave your life to him
and could not ignore
the love he had for you
and how he wanted more of your heart

back to **

i don't know what to do if you left me
so please don't go away
everything that you are
Is Who I am
Who I am Today! ooohh

back to **

Cause I turn to you...


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