Saturday, March 3, 2012

evolution part 2 , #weekend

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Justin Bieber kiss selena gomez at Birthday party !!

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i thnik justin and selena got drunk O.o
look how justin's !
look his eyes !
hb yo'r opinion ??

dm for " Justin Bieber " from ugly gurl -,

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dear my idol :) 

       from the beginning I did not know why it does like a "justin bieber", I have never met in person! or even just watch the concert!
but do not know why I so admire a "justin bieber" I always defended him when all my friends talk bad about him. but I think it is useless, because a "justin bieber 'may not know me.
let alone get to know me, or face to face, to see him at his concert just seemed so impossible: (
I can only watch from the tv or just simply look at the poster, I do not know the real face of a "justin bieber" if he's handsome as my clay from the tv and posters, or maybe better looking than that!
I used to make twitter hope "justin bieber" could "follow me" but I think it's impossible. oh forget it's all a dream!
could not see him, watch his concert or can get the "follow" him.
only one word for all that, which is "IMPOSSIBLE"
hahaha forget all that!

one of #18millionbeliebers
#muchlove :* 


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